Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I Never Wanted Anyone Else


Today something has changed, the month, the first working day of the week and….


I need a new book to read. The last one was so dam good. Now what is is I choose?


Lets go with Essie Fox’s first book as her second book was so good. The Somnambulist. How do you say that? Som nam bulist?


Not that I got to read it on the first train. As the train company announce they were sorry for the short train formation. Yep I didn’t get a seat, as I only just got to the station in time to catch the train! Yeah! Then I stood by the door as there were no seats left on the short train! Luckily I get off where more get on!


However on train two something had also changed. The seat I was sitting at and the book I had on the table.


Quiet rightly, and so  opened the cover.


I stopped when I got to “I never wanted anyone else.” Have you thought that yourself? have you really???


Today I get paid, and this I was actually looking forward to as I'd had spent a lot over the last two months leaving the account somewhat high and dry.


When I got back home the lonely plants had bloomed even more.


wow I thought to myself, Buddha has been busy.


and with that I sat and watched The Guild on You Tube!

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