Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My God I’ve Drawn Something


i leave the house this morning, in fact I don't, I open the front door to this. This spider (on the left) who has been busy.


doing this! Yep a web right across my front door. eh.


I get in the car on this misty morning and decide to take the route to Coventry that I drove home last night, A5 - M42 to Tamworth and then change to Coventry.


I got to the M42 and then realised that this was a mistake. Google said it was a mistake and it knew best for a change.


By the end of the day I thought “My God I’ve Drawn Something!” and I actually had drawn something. And I don’t actually mean this, yes I did draw some of this, but as the trainer found out, I liked polycarbonate as a material and the PC didn’t really like to draw it. I didn’t take a photo of what I had draw, as I knew he would have thought that would have been weird. This I took during our lunch break.


For all my efforts I get to take this book home and two examples to draw before I return here for more training. I hope I don’t forget what I have learnt over the last two days. There was a tonne of stuff to take in. The course though was great if a little verve racking to start something so big from scratch. One day I will be the best at this, I’m sureWinking smile.


Once I get home, ignoring Google's so called routes I sit back on ebay, check where my snowboard bindings have got to and put on This Is England 88. I was looking for the new series but that is this week coming, not Sunday gone!

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