Monday, September 07, 2015

The End to the Beginning


I get up, relatively fresh, from sleeping in the backroom. Is the lawn recovering?


For breakfast there is still jelly! I have breakfast


and then set off for Coventry as I’m doing my fundamentals course part one today.


I arrive on the otherside of Coventry on time and ponder the fact it is an easy drive to here, like Thursday. Does this opening up things a bit? Sarah pops down to say hello to me for half an hour before my training course starts.


Many hours latter and with brain fatigue I’m home and tired. A couple of things have come in the post, another dream machine, which I plugg in and test out, erm needs a new backup battery. And so get changing that.


But best of all is a complaints letter from n-power. Noted it is written on the 3rd September and I have 10 days to reply, and it took until the 4th to get here. So if i was someone who worked away from home during the week I would be buggered as they would automatically close the case before I would have time to contact them. Very clever. And have they tried to contact me by phone? I check my phone, no missed calls and no missed messages.


I check the npower info, nope it is correct. And then there is the list of details they wished to discuss during that telephone conversation. Where are those? I don’t know who the actual manager is be they are not doing their job properly are they? Or are they?


I settle down and put Youtube on and set about watching the last season of The Guild.


And before you know it


the story is near its completion and for those who have read Felicia Days book will understand…


it is the end, to the beginning.


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