Sunday, September 06, 2015

What If It Is All About The Hokey Cokey?


Sunday I wake up around midday! Yes it wore me out that much. Outside it is beautiful blue skies, why did that not happen yesterday? And today I had a really lazy day, stayed in, yes in, and played Skyirm some more. I am now a vampire. Not me personally, my character in the game!


After a tidy up session outside, the fire box was in fact still warm, I head round my parents for some proper cooking. I take the opportunity to wash my MX5 and give it a good vacuum!


Back at home I  look at what Sara got me for my birthday, now some moths back if you didn’t realise! Grow my own Suffolk Mushrooms. Erm how hard can it be?


Well as it happens it can’t be that hard. Look there’s one growing in the box already!


A big one at that!


Naughty Norf has treated me to tis book, knowing that I enjoyed the film so much.


What I ponder though is how are all the subtitles going to ne done in the book?


I plant some herb pots, from Sara again and


also some Sunflowers, for the winter? She is one crazy girl.


And also think about where I can put this nick nack from the Asbury's. I put some nails in the wall and hang it. And think. May be its right. What If It Is All About The Hokey Cokey?

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