Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tea for Two


Saturday morning and I have a good lie in. I look outside across the garden. Erm it looks nice out there.


I cook some breakfast looking forward to a bacon and sausage sandwich. However upon opening the bread bin I find the load has suddenly gone green. I think what I can do to make it a plated breakfast. So more sausages and I attempt to cook some baked beans in the micro wave. Now we all know I should have used a lidded container to do them in, but I didn’t, so every wall of that micro wave got covered in tomatoe and bean. Luckily enough of them had stayed in the dish to be consumed. I take my breakfast and tea and go and sit outside with Buddha.


Really I should have got up hours ago, but I didn’t. I should have wired that light outside. But I haven't, instead I sit outside and enjoy the unexpected good weather.


Whistle sitting there I notice a random single bee, just darting in and out of the flowers I still have just in bloom. They have stayed around a long time and it is good to see them.


The bee buzzes away and that reminds me.


Barry had given me one of his giant sunflower heads so I could harvest the seeds out of it. I get to work.


A short while latter I put the seeds in a dish for them to air and dry. And with that I dig out my suit and a clean fresh and ironed shirt. Yep now i look pucker.


I head around my parents to collect them and as usual neither of them are ready.


We are off for a social afternoon a David Austin Roses, where it has been arranged to have tea to mark the occasion of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with some close friends.


The tea room was absolutlyey wonderfuly laid out with Roses everywhere. It was more wonderful than you can imagine.


It made my mom very happy and everyone turned up.


Then the sandwiches and cakes came out.


Les approved.


And so did the Greenies.


And everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon.


To the point where no one could eat or drink anymore. It was great even though there was no disco or beer. In fact I loved it.


I think we should do it more often.


Eventually it was time to go although some of us really didn’t leave until the lights were being turned out.


The shofar climbs in along with the passengers and I shuttle the parents home.


Sometime latter, I have been to Tesco Express and got a loaf and butter, and as the cashier said, that sorts out toast for the morning, I smile and so “exactly”. And then my brother and me head off down the road to the White Lion. There are no Real Ales on tonight, but there is Grolsch on for £2.50. So we stay and rink some of that before


Heading to Sanman in Chadsmore. My brother has Panner for starter.


I have the chilli Pakora and they are hot, very hot. Gob smackingly hot. I laugh, the waiters laugh, I drink all the water.


When the mains come there is a mix up with what is brought out and then the meals disappear. For a change neither of us hs had Jalfrazire.


M brother has a Madras, which he reckons is the hottest madras he has ever had and sits there sweating in his seat as he tries to eat it. I have a Patia which is a sour dish, and lovely too.


It is all finished apart from the nans, which neither of us can finish.


Yeah its gone to his head.


We sway home, tired and drunk in the mist. What a lovely day it has been.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

50 Golden Years


Morning has broken, and for my parents it is their 50th Wedding Anniversary, something not many people make it to I guess and something I’m not likely to make it to, although many years back it would have been nice to with that someone who was special to me and in fact the first person whom I ever wrote to with my heart.


My parents tonight wanted a quiet meal at the Bridge in Penkridge, so that is where we went. It was peaceful in there and the service was perfect and charmful.


And the food the chef created simple but nice.


And so we had an enjoyable family meal.


Eventually I got home and took my fancy cloths off and enjoyed my retro room. Yes I played Outrun again!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Walk Like You


Today I get up, not knowing where I am going. The day looks nice outside as I draw the curtains back. And for a change for a meeting I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn. The person who has arranged it has considered that others can only sensibly get places by 10:30am.


I get in the car squeezed next to the road work cones, set up my phone in the new holder and set off, with Google maps navagting me up the A38, a route I’ve not taken for some many many years. Maybe 20 old. Nothing seems to have changed although I’m sure it has.


Berfore you know it I’m here, in northern part of Chestfield. I park up, call a couple of colleges and find my way to the people I’m here to see.


As meetings go, this one was productive and actively getting some things sorted to move forward. There are other meetings that don’t go like this. In particular at this meeting I have very little idea what it is we are talking about, but when I’m lost they are happy to go over it again. In reality this meeting wasn’t for me, I was there to ensure things moved forward and to get a thousand signatures. Without these things wouldn’t move forward else where. By the time I get to my home town, there is time to get something for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary for tomorrow.


I didn’t really know what to get and then I had a light on in my head. And so I went to the engravers. And whilst it was being done I went shopping before sitting down here.


I nipped in next door from the engravers, and got Sega Classics collection, and then went to a charity shop and picked up a tie, and Ticket to Ride Europe. Before you know it though it is time to collect the gift.


And whilst I know my mom will like it I’m not sure about my dad.


Perhaps he will just be happy if my mom is happy.


Well one hopes.


And whilst I was in town I went into Wilkos and got the electrical items I needed to do that light outside.


I also got a bottle of Lenor for £1.75 instead of £3.90. What a saving.


The big decision was what to get for tea tonight. I actually looked in the freezer at what had been in their a long time.


And along with those pieces of chicken, these peas and corn had been in there ever since ever.


I did a bit of mash and then added some chilli to flavour and magnificent.


I got the Ticket To Ride Europe out and checked all the bits were there. And yes they are. The board isn’t as big as Alan's but this might make a nice change.


Eventuall I go the PS2 working and put on Sega Classics. Whilst there are several games on here, there is one I’m looking forward to playing.


I had never heard of them doing a PS2 version of the game, so would this be any good. I mean if they could do an awsome job of it on the master system and the Spectrum 128, could this be a dissapoint like all the other systems and versions.


And so it starts just how you would expect it.


So there is something not quiet right, but its not the game play, that is spot on.


And hell its challenging!


And it ends how it should.


And you crash and play again, and you crash and you play again. So that's not a bed thing.


Is it the fact the Ferrari car graphics are all wrong. Yes it is.


But if I’m truefull. Apart from this, this is the best version ever. It is awesome. Why Why Why had I never know it to be released on this system?


One more go? Yes of course because it is that good!


Eventually I switch to Space Harrier, could this be as good?


No it can’t, its awful!


And with that I go to bed, put my head phones on and listen to James – Walk Like You.

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