Wednesday, October 21, 2015



I can’t remember the last time it rained when i opened the front door to go to work. Today though is certainly wet.


It would appear I’m the only person at the station not using an umbrella. Well my Skoda has gone for an MOT and at its age I expect it to fail.


However when I get home I have a pleasant surprise that it has passed. Worryingly though the emissions have gone right up compared to previous years and is only 0.1 in the limit.


Well I guess its time to switch over the tellies, which sounds easier than it is with all those cables well hidden.


And about an hour later the Panasonic TV is on with a whole extra 5 inches. But its not the size I want this TV for but the picture quality which outdoes my Sony of the same era by miles. Mind the price difference was also miles apart. with my Sony costing around £800 and this being £1250.


I put the Sony in the retro room and get the TV working.


And then the consoles


And after that it time


to get out Back To The Future one two and three.


I put on number one and sit back and enjoy the picture,


and the adventure,


and all the fun you can have with a flux capacitor.

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