Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All Swap


This morning is cold but just look at that sky. Wow.


I wait at Walsall, just taking in the air. No reading, no watching, just breathing and taking in that air. Train two is due late according to the board.


And as ever with London Midland late train info. The train came into the station late, but left spot on time ??????


On the way home the train is packed. Everyday it seems there is just one more passenger using the train. Is there a limit?


To break up the journey home I head into B&M Home. I need nothing, I want for nothing, can I find anything to come home with?


I wouldn’t mind one of these for the bathroom. But to be frank I’m not sure it would fit!


And then there was this small, and if you look at the dimesnions I mean small shelving system.


When I leave I actually leave with nothing! And when I get home I have a box for me. It is the new humidity sensor and controller for the bathroom.


I go and get my screwdriver and take off the old one. Looks like its been installed by a professional corgi registered installer. I mean that link wire, in earth cable? Really?


And as it happens the new one goes in identically.


A mess with the settings, and a flick of the switch, I try it out by turning the hot tap on and yay, it automatically starts. Now will it switch off unlike the old one? Yes it does.


And whilst we are messing with the electrics, I put a plug on the Chinese LED net and admire. I’ve put the lowest fuse in the plug you can get though.


I take my Skoda to leave round my parents. When I get there my dad has a surprise for me.


He has a new TV! Yay. This is good news. News I’ve been waiting for, for a long time.


I set it up for him, along with the sound system and then put on Star Trek. Wicked.


And yep my dads enjoying it.


And a few hours latter his old one is around my house. Way too late to do anything with it right now though.


Apart from read the manual!

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