Saturday, October 17, 2015



Saturday morning, my mom is coming round early and we are going shopping. I’m not sure what time is early to her, I did suggest 9am, but no sign, so I cook breakfast and go and sit outside in the garden.


It has rained, and my seat is wet, the one I’m sitting on. It is good to see though that the wood treatment worked a treat.


My mom turns up, we get her buggy out and go shopping and to get my hair cut. I also sit need a 40th Birthday gift. Then it occurs to me, what to get, if they have something suitable. They do and they can do it straight away as long as i can wait a while.


Its not a problem, I take my mom for lunch, somewhere new, that i haven't been before, hidden in a back passage,


A kind of Italian cafe. It is homely, friendly and relaxing, and I’m intrigued by what they have done with some books on the window sill.


Erm creative destruction.


I like it though, just like my chilli con carne. a customer comes in and asks what the curry’s are. I over hear them say that there is Madras or Jalfrezi. The customer asks which is the milder and the staff question it between themselves at first. I think – neither your thinking of the wrong dinner love. I go home, wrap the present up and get my bags packed. Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day.


I head up north in my MX5 for a change, as I fancy a bit of drive in it tomorrow when Alan and Zoe kick me out.


I knock at the door, and say hello, in the back room there is a big box.


and in the front room there is now a massive TV. Apparently it is 1” bigger than George’s.  Right. We have a twitter session on the built in tweeter and decide its quicker just to use your phone.


Time to change have a beer and head to meet the rest of the gang in a pub.


Jerds may be forty and we may have seen him for the whole of forty minutes before he had to leave, before he had his birthday meal in the fine Indian restaurant we were all sat at and had an enjoyable meal ourselves without him! Alan and Rosie have a vegetarian buffet between two, whilst Nack makes the biggest popadum mess next to them, and Zoe smells say what is going on Nack. I can’t help it. I find them irresistible, and there so many. I’m in heaven. For mains I have a madras, which you would expect to be hot, but isn’t particularly, whist Rosie’s eyes are watering and saying I’ve had this before and it was never this hot. It must have been hot though, she did not finish it and I had a taste. She was not joking, it made my madras seem suitable for any forty year olds taste buds.


So we never went to the Blue Babamboo. So many times I’ve been told we are going and so many times we do not. I was so looking forward to a boogie, but like the rest of them I was too full of food really. The night was finished off into the early hours playing games and drinking the finest ale of the land. When suddenly Zoe announced she was so so so tired and had to go to bed, immediately. And that is what we all did. True party animals.

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