Saturday, October 24, 2015

Help me sleep forever


I wake up, and when I say wake up, what I mean is I’m woken up. Not by Jonny, he’s nowhere to be seen. But by two lively children. They are too lively. Apparently I need to get up, I’ve missed breakfast and dinner will soon be on the table.


Dinner was nice, and what was nicer was sitting on the sofa with two children not being so lively. I think they call it harmony. However my head was not in harmony and I felt like I wanted to throw up, and my head hurt, hurt so much. Lets face it really I wanted to be back in bed.


Matt Kindly gave me a lift to the Mailbox, and from there I walked to the station via Sainsbury's local, picking up a meal deal. I got it wrong though and the assistant sorted me out with drink that was in the meal deal. Thankgod I didn’t use the check out machine. I headed into the station via the back door noting the notice that stated these doors from next week could only be used for exiting. And as I found out once in the station via the back door, means getting a ticket isn’t obvious. I got to the gate man and let him know. He looks bemused and sends me to a kiosk on this side of the gate. They look bemused, you want to go to Tame Bridge Parkway? Yes. You haven't come from Thame Bridge Parkway? No Look I came in the back door. Okay and they look puzzled. Yes I thought to myself, I’m the only person who travels by train who like to pay for a ticket. Once on the train I site back and enjoy my Taste The Difference Meal. Eventually we pull into Walsall station.


Now just becuase you buy a train ticket, doesn’t mean you’ll get a seat. Just because you buy a train ticket doesn’t mean you’ll get a train. From Walsall there are train track repairs going on, so the journey from here is by bus, a long trip, and my head doesn’t want to be here.


At some point I make it home. My bladder is bursting, and my head thumping, I go to bed. It is nice. A bit latter I cook some tea, watch Doctor Who, and buy Rapture from the Playstation down load store for the PS4. Yes I know I said I’d never buy a down load only game. And then I went back to bed. Help me sleep forever…….

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