Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lets Get Started!


I’m not really sure why I persisted in going into work this morning. I’d been up most the night feeling ill, and now i was tired. And this tiredness persisted throughout the day. So getting out of bed and thinking if I’m ready by 7:30am I’ll go. And go I did. By the time it was time to go home I was feeling better but tired. I could have slept at my desk, but that may have raised questions. I get off the train and walk the town center way home, through the dark and eerie churchyard, in my big black coat.


When I get home there is a box waiting for me there. I know it is my broadband box, as the system swapped over this morning to plusnet. So here we go, Lets get started.


Under the welcome book is a cheap router. Not what I want, but what I do want are the settings. I find them and go and plug the laptop into the BT Home Hub4. I adjust the settings and within minutes we are connected at 11GB/s. I put the new box away under the bed. So it looks like the telephone and broadband switch has happened and that hopefully is that.


I await to go to bed early but before I do I look up the numbers I need, 3,6,7,12,13,15,16,21,31,41,45,46. These are the cartridges for the Videopac G7000 I do not have. And looking on ebay, I’m probably not likely to get them anytime soon!

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