Thursday, October 15, 2015

Monotony of Life


I get up this morning, feeling like - I get up, walk to the station, get on train, get off train, get on train, get off train, walk to walk, get to work, sit at desk, leave desk, walk to station, get on train, get off train, get on train, get off train, walk home, cook tea, go to bed. I need to do something random to break this monotony........ I do but what????


I need something to change, maybe I need change, why are these Cath Kidston bags so popular? Now carrier bags are gone will they become more popular?


You see if you have listened, I have got of the train.


I have got on the train...... I read the Metro it might help.


I hope she paid 5p for it.


Personally if there's money to burn, it was a good move. We wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea.


That's right they should be on hover boards on the pavement out of the way of car users.


More NHS cuts???


After reading that, I'm pretty sure I'm better off not reading the news and continuing to live life in my own little bubble of poppy atmosphere, with my two hemispheres chatting every to each other, about the wonders of the world in my own head. Anyway anyone for a pint of tizzer?


I await to get off the train.


I get of the train


I walk down the stations stairs.


I walk the walk to work.Screenshot_20151016-083437

Back at home I focus my mind on the instructions on the fan. Screenshot_20151016-083434

Really interesting. I can’t wait. Screenshot_20151016-083429

ah and how to wire it. I look around I can take it no longer here comes the random part, I’ve got to get out of here, I’ve got to go somewhere….


Yes I find Salvation in the local Aldi. What do i buy?


Two bags of charcoal, two packets of custard crèmes, a litre of cooking oil, 3 packs of socks! At least the Aldi carrier bag will come in handy tomorrow. I go home, and you know what, I go to bed, now if I can just make it to the weekend I’ll be alright.

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