Monday, October 26, 2015



As Mondays go it looks alright out there. I pick up my book and lunch and head tot he station.


So I start the book properly, Rereading the first few pages I read but couldn’t remember.


As it happens I’m hooked, and glad its so different tot he last one. Oddly its about life on a train, and the descriptions are deliciously how I like to taste them, and how I feel on the train, and no doubt how others do to.


Back home I do something I said I wouldn’t. Number one waste money. Number to waste money on a PS4 download game only. I like disc based games. A console will never be a console when they change to download only. Anyway I download this and it looks beautiful. but how will it play, and what is the game.


Visual delights are abound and my first impressions are its like that other game I enjoyed so much. However about an hour later that is no longer what I am thinking. What I am thinking is, is this it. What about a game? Have i wasted my money then?


I change the subject matter and put on on of the two Lovefilm’s I have. I decide to go for the cult film Quadrophenia, a film I have had to wait for a long time on the high priority list. Do they only have one copy? The film is in 4:3 ration, ooo and the sound is in stereo. So this cult film is old? Its about Mods and Rockers, Bikes and girls, and fighting, and things that aren't what they are, and how far you will go to impress that certain one. In the end, it ends, it all ends, and that is how the film began.

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