Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Future Is Back


This morning I get a lie in. I look out of the window, the day doesn’t look to bad.


I check to see if I have got anything to wear tomorrow. And as it happens I have three pink shirts I can wear.


I get some cloths for today and head down to the bathroom,


where I have ample time to have a wash and shower in comfort, and not being rushed by time itself.FB_IMG_1445503506198

I put some bacon in for breakfast and then consider


I should have eggs too. And so I have egg and bacon sandwhiches along with a cup of tea.


The poor sunflowers did not make it. My green fingers got the better of them.


However the pot cam in useful.


I write my note in the last book I read, now some two weeks ago. It was so good I just could not bring myself to start another, knowing I was never going to like it so much. So I waited, waited until now. I think now is the right time.


And pick up the next book. The Girl On The Train. ohhhh I love Chu Chu.


And with that I get in the car and head north to the meeting that was going to start fairly late and


also end late. So I get home around 6:45pm.


And with that I decide to have tea for the second time this week from the chipshop across the road. Only tonight I decided to have my first Kebab from there.


I seemed to have a fair amount of milk in the fridge and so I made myself 2 pints of milkshake done in the blender. Ohhh yeah, it went so nicely with the mountains of chips and chicken kebab.


The rest of the night I spent watching the end of Back To the Future that I didn’t finish reading last night.


Doc I’ve got to tell you something.


But like all moments in life like this, sometimes it is too late.


And with that I got to bed and read the first few pages of the new book. The thing is, when I close the book, I’ve forgotten them already???? Was I ever here?

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