Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Girl On The Train


This morning I have toast for breakfast, with real butter. I no longer have clover, I just have the proper stuff.


I head to the station and I’m early enough to hang around. There are a lot of people here this morning. This however doesn’t stop me noticing this moment in time.


You see I’m not just randomly starring into the bushes like most people think.


Then I hear something, unthinkable. Someone in the crowd has just had a call to advise them, there are only two carriages to the train this morning. Of hell. I decide to hang about to be near the door once ont he train. For after Cannock it will be rammed. It is surprising how many more people you can get on once a train is already full to the brim. Things get hotter and hotter and once at Walsall I’m glad to get off along with the girl I was standing next to. I go and sit down and she follows me asking if I know when the next train to Birmingham is. She is in luck I know.


At last I get to sit down in comfort and open my book.


This page starts quiet aptly!


I bring a car home, stopping on the way at Home Bargains. It is good how the construction people put the cones out so I could still leave a car outside the house. The traffic lights are working wanders with the traffic we have here. They should leave them up.


I went to the store mainly to pick a phone holder for the journey tomorrow.


But I also brought these shelves instead of those other shelves which turned out to be a bit thin. This however looks okay.


The milkman has been and has left me a bill for a change. They have learned I only pay them when it gets to a tenner! Amazing or what!


And with that I go across the road and spend the milk money on ?Haddock and Chips. The young girl inthe chipshop is training the young boy how to do the job. By the time I get my frshly cooked Haddock and chips I have learned enough to work there myself. The owner cooks my haddock. I’m guessing I’m pretty much the only person who has haddock, as I always have to have it cooked and hence he knew it was me again.


Then I realised that I came on Monday for Keebab and chips. Too late now. And I sit down and enjoy them.


I put together the shelves, move the lamp on to them and the telephone, which is why I wanted them. All I have got to do now is fix it to the wall somehow, the electic cable runs up in that wall!


And with that I go to bed to read.

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