Friday, October 23, 2015

The Revolution will not be televised


I pack, and today I have packed lightly, one pillow, underwear, socks, trainers, shirt, jeans, trousers, T-shirts, washing bag and towel and contact lenses.


Today is PINK Day, so I put on one of my three pink shirts and a pink tie. Work goes well and I'm back in the office today, which meant I drove to work which only took 30 minutes it being a Friday. And I get a lot done.


What I had forgotten was that my work colleague who is eventually retiring, no longer works on a Friday. So my lift has gone and its time for me to to catch the train into Brum. But as luck has it, I'm offered a lift by someone else. They take me to Moor Street station and I walk through the center to Broad Street and the Bus stop in the construction area. The buses though are still running though here and moments later


I'm on the bus and off it, at Harborne High Street.


I walk the suburbs until I come to a house with a drive, a very steep drive, and at the top of it a red front door. I knock it, to the sound of excited voices. I'm in I get changed, but there is no sign of Jonny. I get changed and Poad books a cab, and just before the cab turns up so does Jonny.


We get a cab to the Mailbox  and then head down the street, with the old and new blending in with each other.


So here we are, me, Mat and Jonny, soon followed in by the Gav, and naughty norf.


I sit back and consider what it is Brewdog are making a statement about.


And then as if by magic it pops into my head.


We should all be drinking Punk IPA, what could be better.


However Mat believes he knows better and we depart.


And so we end up in another bar, a bar that only serves beer that Nack likes.


However some of this beer does tend to give me a right hangover.


The boys are happy, well we are, Gav has already gone home!


Jonny experes’s his desire to go to Snobbs. the rest of us dismiss this idea as being ludicrous and silly.


Very silly. And at this point I find out that there is no need to go to the bar. The bar staff will come to you.


More beer anyone?


The people next to us seem to have a very strangle conversation. She has a lot of tattoos and a nice hair style, He just has style.


I suggest instead of Snobbs we go to The Victoria. Poade agrees and we cross back over town to where we have come from as its just over the road from Brewdog. FB_IMG_1445699167851

Whilst Norf goes home we go in search of food.


For whatever reason we don’t find food in Snobbs, and its not the Snobbs we used to know. Snobbs is now located in a different Venue. And its not as good. The beer tastes awful and the music is ambiguous at times, good at other times and I’m most definitely in need of bed. I really mean it.


When Snobbs closes and we leave, I don’t even want to hang around for food, I get a cab, I get the others, we are in a cab and we are heading home. Once there if I remember right, Matt makes us some cheese on toast. Did I want it? Did I ask for it? Did I go to bed, hell yes, I already felt bad, and bed was good.

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