Sunday, October 25, 2015

Welcome back


I was asked why I had stopped posting, I just ran out of time, out of enthusiasm, out of interest and was doing too much to do the blogging. After all its a bit like dinner. It takes a long time to cook and not so long to eat the dinner. And I have been keeping “blogging” on the snapshot on Google + in Me and Me there is No You. Something which no doubt I will keep going from now on. However the love for my blog is still here, and there are many post half written. But for now we go forward not back. Well ok back a bit and then forward. And I wake up today with a new head on and outside my house there is an army of electrical vans, a digger, some traffic lights and the electricity is switched off.


And so outside I go to weed and mow the lawn Winking smile

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