Monday, November 30, 2015

I’ll never get the Christmas tree up!


I was meant to be doing some house job today, but this morning I don’t know where the motivation is. It wasn’t here. Anyway on the internet I checked out some reviews for the London Board Game and here at amazon is one of my all time favourite reviews. To read it click the picture above..


Its like most jobs really, once I get started I’m alright at getting on with it. The problem here was moving the DVD cupboards and the TV stand and all those wires that are a problem. I did it eventually though and yes it took a while. And whilst before the room kind of looked habitable it now doesn’t. The plaster work on the side of the chimney breast is actually worse than it looked and is going to take some building up. Shucks.  I do some rough work on it. and then think to myself.


Shall I start it or not, that front wall I’m going to redo, from the brick. I think about it and then think well I could just see what that lump is. I get a hammer and chisel. Bang Bang, the neighbours are going to love me.


An hour later and the explority work is done.


It is in fact a plastic piece of conduit. Not a pipe, not even a wire.


And its empty, there is nothing in it! So now we have a “brick feature” in the front room.


I hope that Dyson Mrs Greenie gave me is up to the job. Getting all the plaster off the front wall is going to be a very messy job, and I think to speed it up I’ll be using the SDS drill in chisel mode. I think that may have to wait until Saturday.


now the problem with having a white bathroom when your not is, you clean yourself and then you clean the bathroom.


Once clean I put the PS2 on for the ultimate experience.


It involves wheels.


it involves 18 of them.


Now I thought this games was going to be pants, it was afterall only one pound. But it was a really different and challenging racing game. I played and played and played.


Eventually I turned it off, and watched a film, before climbing in bed, lying there and thinking now I’ve started I’ve just got to get on with it, or I’ll never get the Christmas tree up!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Have A Great Day


Happy Birthday Mate….


The wind is blowing and the leafs are floating in the air. For a moment we had a very excited Alan, and then he saw something in his living room. Was it a Christmas tree?


Zoe reassured me it was a Christmas tree, and Alan assured me it was not.


Zoe went about making a proto type.


Apparently it is going to look something like this. Alan assured me it wasn’t.


I get them to settle down round the table to play a couple of games I’ve brought up to play. First off the MB classic Dickens Game, a game suitable for all the family.


I voted to dress as a girl.


And the action started with us all having 15 coins.


Which soon disappeared and started making things tricky.


And having to think how am I going to win. And here I am winning with one card down on the episodes of my novel.


As ever, Zoe has become strategic, with what looks like Alan. Hell that's not on.




it is.


Which is good news as Rosie comes through the door and “helps Zoe” play whilst she starts preparing dinner in the kitchen. Near the end the big decision comes to who wants who to win, as it is a 3 way stale mate to the finish.


Alan has spotted one of the other games I have brought along, Ticket to ride Europe. And with that Matt is just in time and comes in the door to play too.


I wasn’t sure why Alan was so excited about this as he has a 20th year edition of the game for the USA. But apparently this version of the games has ferries, tunnels and stations!


The gaming starts and the tension builds. Its actually much more exciting I think.


For some reason Rosie is keeping all her cards she s collecting. This is news to me on the strategy side.


Zoe blocks my route and makes me have a rethink, but the second  route can be so easily seen and so easily blocked, and I need to use a lot of cards.


The excitement is never over, but now I know I have covered my three routes, and I have the cards to complete.


I felt smug, and call the game with some 117 points for the blue team.


And for some reason the game is quickly put away for Sunday dinner.


Oh Wow.


“What am I meant to do with this big orange thing Zoe? Mat asks.


And I’m glad he asked first.


As it happens not only was it presented lovely, it tasted as good too. What a treat. And very very very filling too.


Nobody was sure what to play next, so I reach into the bag and say I have one more game and this is for five players, it the Circle Line Pub Crawl Game. And it was agreed we could play it. The rules seemed to simple. And the game itself was, but with our group it was fun fun fun.


A most enjoyable race around London. What this game needs though is an expansion pack of more cards.


I drop Rosie off home and then go for a trip around the back lanes of Stockport town centre trying to get to the other side and Tesco's filling station. Sometime later and just before they close the M6 for road works I arrive home to the mess of the front room. Tomorrow I need to do some work on this.


I consider it and then


go and see if those toilet blocks that are meant to do 12 flushes a day for 3 weeks are still working. It would appear they are


and with that I go to bed.

Saturday, November 28, 2015



I get up early Saturday morning. No one else does though. When people do awake it is time to go and get some boxes and to meet a girl called Kate. We head into Stock Central where Zoe shows off her parking skills.


We place an organ the first of the day, and listen to its tunes.


After a bit to eat with Kate we head into town to get those boxes, the lights on the bridge look very pretty.


But we must get these boxes.


Nack though is loving the lights.


And the Christmas feel of it all.


I’m lead to Argos for a a very long wait. I disappear to The Card Factory and Greggs and they are still waiting. But Alan has a grin on his face. HE has three plastic boxes under his arm. He is though still waiting for another box. We go To CEX after and I get all excited about eighteen wheeler and Zoe gets GTA V for the PS4 from Game. I only spend £1 though.


Back at their house Alan installs two of the three boxes.


He has never been happier!


And I’m told this is being put away until Christmas, although Alan say he must test it works and do the updates ready for Christmas. Yes Wise move Alan. He disappears for some time upstairs Winking smile


Mean while Nack and Zoe Buff our nails.


Wow look how it gleams and with that I do the rest!


At some point we are meant to leave. I am ready but Alan is not. In all the excitement of not playing with the PS4 he has lost his keys. Now where are they?


Sometime later and with Alan's keys we arrive at the station.


We are in time to catch the train still.


On the train I admire my nails.


At New Mills Alan get to see his second organ of the day.


The book store has the Christmas tree of books up again but something isn’t quite finished? And the Toy store next door is closed Sad smile.


We go to the town Square to see the Christmas tree.


We were meant to be coming here to see them turn on, but as it happens.


That happened at 5:30pm some time ago now!


Mr Bubble man is in the street.


Causing los of bubbles in the wind.


I have a big Bratwursts, Alan has Chilli and beer and Zoe some Moroccan for tea.


We move into the warmth of the Beehive for beer.


Where the beer is good, really really good, and play Noah. I love Noah.


A couple of pints later and me very drunk on them, I even had a pint of water we head for the warmth of home. Alan disappears to Watch Dr Who and comes down oh so very very excited, oh so very very happy whilst me and Zoe play GTA V and talk about eighteen wheelers!


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