Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Touching Oddball Love Story


Well it's selection time again. What should my fingers pick?


I consider that it should really be a Coupland,  I still have so many of them to read.


And it is Miss Wyoming that is selected.


A touching, oddball love…… Wonderfall. Just what I could do with reading.


On train one I do not sit facing forward, and I don’t feel able to read. So I start it at Walsall. I sit on the bench but for some reason all I can think of is how a pizza saved my life.


So here we go I read the book and not the metro. A new fresh start, and like most books, I find the start hard to grasp as I try to distinguish between the characters and who they are. If I could change anything it would be one thing, and that would change everything.


I get home some hours latter obviously. And there in the stairs is the drill. Tonight I’m tired my brain frazzled and I’ve caught the later train home. I even sat on carriage four, the carriage that doesn’t fit on the platforms! So I’m not in the mood to do this.


But I do it anyway. And they are up.


Suddenly I now realised I would have to find something to put on the them. I went hunting around the house.


Yep thats that. Now only the ceiling to do.


I clear up the mess and the dirty stuff that has come out of the walls.


And consider it a job well done.

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