Monday, November 02, 2015

A Whiff Of Fresh Laundry


There was slightly nicer whiff around me today. For this weekend I did something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. You see that salad I make everyday, kind of drips out of the box, the juices, and after a while it has began to make my bag smell iffy. Today though it is ozzing laundry freshness, and it smells divine. People must think its just me. But its not it my bag!


I get my book out.


And have a good read. Greg was right, this is a great story.


At work I plug my phone in and relax. Did I say relax? Okay so I’m joking.


Much later I’m home and I’m thinking that those two corn on the cobs need cooking much sooner than later. They are about two weeks old now. I ponder if the oven will light for a change. And would you believe it. It does! I remember what Lan told me to do and rubbed them in lots of butter, put them in cling film and then covered them in foil. Next to them I lay two of the finest butchers bangers.


I also got the steamer out too and did some veg for a change.


So there you have it a nice, healthyish dinner for a change.


And the corns on the cob.


They were nearly as yummy as Alan made them the other week.


And with that I sat and relaxed in front of Dr Who before


Heading upstairs to sleep in the big bedroom.

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