Friday, November 20, 2015

And As If By Magic


I come down the stairs this morning missing the CD’s that are stacked all the way along its entire length.


In the kitchen even though its a year odd on I still enjoy some cards I have on my collage board. I wonder if I will ever get another post card any time soon?


Today at least I can have some kind of toast as for the first time this week I have butter. I whilst sitting there having my breakfast I read the Dulux colour brochure and then that reminds me to


down load their app and to give it a go.


So you take a photo of the room and then you select a colour and then press the screen where the wall is, and as if by magic the wall changes colour.


And although I have a play, I do not find the correct colour.


I take the car again to work, hoping the motorway will be free of traffic, and it is. Si this week I have only been on the train once. When I get to work I call AVS and order a new rear driver side brake calliper. The motorway home though is dire, very,very dire. I head around Walsall and by the time I do get home I don’t fancy doing the decorating. So I don’t.


A parcel has come from Indesit though. I wonder what is in there.


Oh its an original, genuine spare part thermocouple.


And with that out comes the old one and in goes the new one.


I switch on the oven and it lights instantly, turns on, and stays on. I put it through some test temperatures and as if by magic it all functions fine.


At last I can cook a pizza properly, and ponder two things, how many pizza I can get in my freezer and


how do you cook pizza properly.


15 minutes later the pizza looks great.


I relax in the comfort of my bedroom and switch on eBay.


Now this game I did not know existed and I’m quiet excited about it. And as if by magic I manage to not bid on it!

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