Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bread And Butter


As I walk past the pied Piper Pub in Cannock two things come to mind. Marston's brewery didn’t want it, and the person who brought it also didn’t actually want it. So why did they buy it? Slowly it is falling into a state of disarray from being a place for the local community to meet. Perhaps the council should buy it and knock it down for a park area. Now that would be nice.


On the way home I decide I’m having burger for tea, cooked in the oven, and what I need is some baps to put the burgers in. So I call in at Morrison's and get 4 baps for 9p and a small salt and pepper French stick for 9p. I also get some butter. Whilst the burger are cooking I eat the salt and pepper bap. It tastes awesome with a little bit of butter. Eventually the burgers are finished cooking in the oven. And they are great having been slowly cooked. And with that I end up doing a little more plaster on the side of the chimney breast and putting the three doors back on. The frames are sticky though.

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