Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cops and Robbers


I was glad to see the fence was still up this morning. The bird table on the floor didn’t surprise me.


I collected the rood tile and then IMG_20151118_074140

walked to the bottom of the garden and put the bird table back up.


I also look up at the roof and pray it is not one of the centre tiles. I am luckly. It is the end one, and it I put my very very long ladder up I will be able to sort this out. I just need a non windy dry day.


Being that the weather is bad, and I have some clients in I decide to take the car to get in early. Of course that was being hopeful. I eventually call work and tell them I’m going to be late.


I’m unsure why but for some reason there is a panic at work about wheather I’m going to turn up. Apparently I’ve come in the car and the only train line running was in fact the one I use!


At the end of the working day I head over to the Greenies for tea. We have some super noodles, not as in the brand, but some wonderfully tasty noodles.


As it happens the kids nor Greenie want to go to bed and so we get out a game.


The cops and Robbers game. The thing is I’m not sure who is cheating the most between Greenie and the kids!


By the time I get home I find my dad has been round and left me a present, a new tile!


He has also swapped my paint at Wilkos for me. Well maybe tomorrow night then?

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