Saturday, November 07, 2015

Draws not Pants


I wake up and I’m very comfy in my bed. I should get up and have breakfast, but instead I check out my ebay followings. There is one in particular that interests me. A set of draws that is from the bed suit I’ve got and the price is good, unassembled they are £100t o buy.


And they are only up the road, so to speak. I call and ask them if they allow me to collect tomorrow as I need my dads car, and I cannot get hold of him. They will but normally aren't but if I call them in the morning they will open up for me. As it happens I manage to get hold of my dad and he will be round about 1:30pm. I call the lady back and we arrange to meet at the warehouse at 3pm. This wasn’t the plan at all. At 2pm I was meant to be taking my parents to the cinema to see the Bond movie.


Mean while I get out wiring and try pushing it through the wall. The lighting ring main wire will not go through. So then I try the 3 ply wire. And that only gets so far. So that I take the outer sheath off and I can pull the wires through to the light outside, but the hole just isn’t big enough to get the cable and sheath through. I go and find the drill and the extra long masonry drill bit.I set up and drill from the outside of the wall to the inside. The drill bit goes tthrough the wall easily, as I expected, widening the hole. However when I get inside the house, we have a new whole and some plaster is now missing. What the hell. Well as it happens the wire no fits. And then I spend a lot of time messing around with trying to remount the lamp after I had terminated the wires in the lamp.


As it happens my parents both come and save me from myself. We get in the car program the satnav and let the satnav take us the scenic route to Stoke On Trent.


Once there it is hard to find but she did say it was next to the police station, is that a good thing? I find the mill but no sign of a furniture wharehouse. I walk around the mill and downt ot the polce station and then head back to the car, a girl is standing on the street. And as I near her she asks, are you the man looking for some draws? Yes I say. And she says we are hard to find. We have no sign! So the draws that are £35 on ebay, £40 in the store, she charges me £30 for even though I give her the £35? and get £5 quid back! She is happy with £30?! And impressed that I need no help with lifting the draws as I can pick them up on my own. And into the boot of my dads car they slip.


Back home I quickly put them in my bedroom and


check the times of the bond movie. We can either go tot the Plaza in Birmingham, which I would rather do or


go to the multiplex at Wednesfield. We swap cars which is when I notice my passenger side rear is flat!!arrgghhh. Once sort we set off and


30 minutes later we are in the Broadway Plaza, and just in time for the 18:30 showing. I like this place, they still have a reception to get your tickets from with a real person, and then I get some drinks which come to £12.50! What?


We sit in our comfy seats and relax in the Big Screen number 1.The show is about to begin. There is nothing like watching a film in the cinema.


Sometime later I drop the parents off and my brother. I then head out to find some tea. But what chip shops are open at 10:30pm. I decide to see if the Festival Fish Bar is open, afterall it is next to The Jubilee pub. A pub I have not been to yet.


I am lucky, they close at 11pm and they do me a mix of normal and battered chips, although if I was willing to wait they would have done me some fresh chips. So this is what they look like. And this is the place that my neighbour told me to go for chips that was better than across the road from where I live.


And whilst I very rarely drink at home alone, tonight I have a beer with my chips.


I have a look at all the vouchers they gave me in the cinema and then remember Les is going to the cinema with the Greenies tomorrow. I wonder if these vouchers would be any good to him? That is if he is willing to go to the Plaza? Apparently though their tickets are already booked. There’s nothing like being prepared. And with that I go to bed.

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