Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting Dirty


Its another one of those Thursdays were nothing expected is happening.


The train is very late this morning. Doesn't happen often but it is today. Will it actually come?


Eventually it comes, So now I’m sitting on the chu chu, although it has not left the station.and as you pull off it struggles with the wheels spinning, I think this person knows I've stolen their soul.


I read the Facebook, will it keep me entertained?


At Walsall we get off and the train driver announces apologies for the lateness, due to "poor rail head conditions", I’d never heard it called that before.


Simon has done one of those Facebook predication things. And if you can’t get your palm read, the next best thing is to get the phone in your palm read. The new job in March must be good if I’m going to get a Ferrari in May. But does it mean that? And is Alan coming to Istanbul with Zoe and Me. And is Zoe coming to London with Alan and Me? Do I get a cat in June? Do I re-join a gym in August. Oddly I’m going to see a lot of Sarah in September, must be more 3D. And hell perhaps in December there might be a Stag do. I’ll marry the cat.


After work the train home is shown as delayed. With London Midland when it says this, what it really means is, your train isn’t running. We’ll break it to you shortly.


At first I thought I’d found my JVC Marshmallow headphones, but as it happens, I haven't!


What I didn’t realise was that from the platform here


you can see into the office windows.


And so train one does actually come. Yeah I know, I’m surprise. Its bloomin cold out here.


On train two I get the forth carriage at Thame Bridge Parkway. I don't often sit on this carriage, as this is the carriage that doesn’t fit on the platforms!


And tonight this carriage is 2/3rd empty, I enjoy the piece, and the quiet.


at home I open some more parcels.


And then sit and play Dirt 2.


Tonight I’m really cooking. I win at most races. Wow this is such a change and download some more YouTube videos, of my non perfect driving!


And so soon it is time for bed once more.

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