Friday, November 13, 2015

God Save Us Pull The Plug!


As per most of the week I have walked to the station via the town centre. This morning I was looking forward to seeing the street market, however the street market isn't here, instead a mini fun fair is being erected for tomorrows celebrations of turning the Christmas lights on. And who is privileged to do the lights switch on, the one and only very famous and very glamorous conservative party leader


The train comes late again today. Only today it struggles all the way to Walsall with spinning wheels. And it each station it stops at, it struggles to get moving at any speed again. At Walsall we get no apology form London Midland today? Why not, your so good at giving them out usually.


So far this week I’ve only read a couple of page of my new book. But I have read a lot of the Metro.


What is in it today?


On the way home I decide to take the town centre route home. I’ve got something I want to do, and I’m oddly looking forward to it! But what is this? What is going on in the town centre?


The Christmas Lights turn on is meant to be Saturday the 14th?


Is it a 24 hour party or


are they being turned on tonight?


I have a wander around,


get a hot chocolate and


wander around., wow there is a lot of people here, and fun rides for the kids.


And there in front of me are some lit up sunflowers.


I head to the epicentre


Where all the noise is being made at one of the band stands.


The DJ certainly seems to think the lights are coming on tonight. Who changed the date? Why did no one tell me?


The spinning glitter balls are making a trippy star effect all over the buildings in the centre.


And then some celebrity comes on stage to do their act.


Who are they? Is Amanda Milling not turning them after all either? Who’s got talent? Who? Jean Martin? Who?? No matter how bad the act gets I’m staying now. And it is bad, The lady next to winces as the celebrity says she has time to do just two more songs. God save is, pull the plug!


And then they announce Amanda Milling has turned up to turn the lights on and save us from the torture of this act that is on!


There are a lot of bohhhhhhhs. And another lady asks me who is she? She’s your Conservative Council leader, and most likely the one how signed the cheque for this and the lights. “Oh” she says.


There must be a technical issue, or a security issue. The lights are not coming on just yet and there are people in bright yellow jackets running around on the roof.  And with that 10, 9, 8, 3, 2, 1…. the lights come on and then BANG!!!!!! Luckily this isn’t Paris and the sky lights up.


As we get a no expenses spared twenty minute firework display. You know those £25 worth of fireworks that were stolen last week. I think I’ve just seen the evidence for up in the sky! No expense spared to put a smile on the local community.


I get home and put my phone on charge, as the battery is dead.


I look at a new set of parcels and ponder what I’m going to do with my life.


With that urge I had earlier, I decide to plaster the front room.


And I enjoy it. Although I know I should have done the ceiling of the hall first.


Yes we are in a mess now.


There is no looking back. Is there more plaster on the walls or floor?


I consider the facts. And breath in deeply.


Now what am I going to have for tea, is only 11:30pm, ah belly pork and pasta, and yep I just forget to turn on the extractor fan to ensure the fire alarm goes off!!!!

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