Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Gone Girl


I’m trying to leave the house a bit earlier, so I’m not power walking to the station. Its not working though. I can’t leave that door early enough. I get to the station as usual just in the nick of time.


Today I’m sitting idly by reading my book at Walsall station, when a man comes up and asks to see my ticket. I get it out of my wallet and remove the October one and show him the one for upto November the 8th. Yep its been that long since it was checked. He was happy with that. Then he walked upto someone else. And no they didn’t have a ticket. He was escorted away.


my book is continuing to immerse me from this world. I was expecting my chu chu in the book, which it isn’t about really. I suppose I was looking for a book that described the travel and situations on the train. And whilst it does start a little like that, the book is about relationships. I wonder how it ends, although at this point ‘m guessing it was Mac, we will see.


I walk up the now completed newly tarmaced footpath to work. how nice of them to do it for me. they have done both sides. now if they could only do some of the rubbish paths in Cannock, that would be nice too.


There is a different atmosphere tonight at the station. For one thing i have waited for the second train following what happened last night with the overcrowded trains on the Chase Line last night. And as I thought my second train from Thame Bridge Parkway has seats on the four carriage train.


So I get home later but I travel the whole journey in comfort. at home I knock some tea up and after logging onto my server, which has 14 messages for me, I didn’t even know it had messages for me, it would appear the 2TB server is now full and I need to take some emergence action. I boot up the old server and pray. It works. Now to decide what to temporarily shift. Once done I settle in for a movie night and load in the disc containing Amazing Amy.’s life.


Now if my book wasn’t exciting enough, this film was just as exciting, a thriller of a type I wasn’t expecting.


In fact a film, of a story, so bold, that gives you the creeps at the end of it. An Amazing story.


And the title of this amazing story and film? Gone Girl……

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