Friday, November 27, 2015

Good to be Back


I have sausage sandwich's for breakfast and then feed the birds with all the bread I have left. That is one loaf and a bit, but another day and it will be green. I load the car full of tools and then drive into town. I know it sounds lazy. I park up and walk the few yards through the under pass.


I go to a few shops and also get my haircut. I get a couple of new ties and have a brief moment in Trade To Play.


Being Black Friday I call into Sainsbury's to see what bargains I can get and then head over to my parents house.


It would appear the cat is comfortable.


Ah the battery is here.


And so on with the repairs to the back brake. Not that there is anything wrong with the back brake, but the auto adjusting handbrake mechanism is malfunctioning, and it would appear the only solution is to change the calliper to correct it.


I got it from AVS delivered for £65 and I don’t have to return the old one. I was expecting a cheap copy but it is in fact a Lucas branded unit. And whilst they have an online store I was not sure about the part. So I picked up that phone and called them. First class service thankyou.


With the brake done and painted red, it was time to change the battery. So off with the scuttle panel to revel its hidden place.


The battery comes out easier than I remember. And whilst here I wash the bay out.


and around the pollen filter where loads of gunk collects, stops the water draining where it should and then causes you lot of electrical issues.


Looks fine to put the new one in.


Luckily the batteries look the same. This time instead of buying a £134 Varta battery though I have gone for a £54 delivered non branded job.


And all the ratings look the same but will I regret it. This one doesn’t like the cold and its only 3 years old.


Will it be as good? Will it? The label says its silver calcium based to!


I pack up and have a cup of tea, and some dinner. That is…


in preparation for spending 5 hours on the motorway. 2 of it in Birmingham going south to come back north where I started from. Back home I packed my bags and a storm started. I hoped the tiles would stay on the roof this time.. So I packed and then drove off, remembering the my pants and sock bags were on my bed, so I turn around and go back. I get them noting I’d also left my shirts on the bed to. Not that, that mattered. I think getting so wet so quickly meant I just jumped back in the car and headed off. Then I remembered that I’d forgotten the key, which if I turned up late I might need. So I turned around, and went back in for the key. I left and drove away, looking at the time which was now pushing on. In a panic I suddenly remembered I’d not picked up the shirts I think. I eventually pull over somewhere safe and check. God Dam it. Well if I turn back now I’ll be late. Frustrated with myself I call Zoe to see if I need a shirt. With the stormy weather I expected the motorway to be bad, but everyone was driving sensibly, lots of distance and speeds down, the traffic flowed. That was until I got to the M56 and then we came to a complete stop. Arggggggg. But we did get moving again.


I reach Alan and Zoe’s at seven, a lot later than I thought I’d be here, but there is no sign of Alan, and luckily Zoe is busy working still, so being late wasn’t an issue for a change. She sends me to Bargan booze to spend so wonga, and I make a selection and take it to the counter. The assistant was going mad with the scanning machine not recognising the bottles, as in it scanned the bottles but according to the system they didn’t exist. So we toted up batch one which came to £39 of the £40 wonga. And then we start a second batch, which was easier to calculate as it was 3 bottles for a £5 and we had 9 bottles. He put them in a bag and then lifted it. Erm might need to double bag. Are you telling me that its not a 5p charge but 10p? I lift the bags back and said I’m not sure I’m strong enough to make it back home. For a Bargain Booze this place has some great beer chooses and all the warm beers got changed for beers from the fridge, the service was great.


When I got back Zoe was finished and we got in the car, I had called Matt and we were going to collect him from the Jolly Sailor. Zoe virtually right up outside Matts house, wow I say the pub is this close to his house, I’d never noticed it before. Zoe looks at me and says something lady like such as “bollocks” and we drive off to the Jolly Sailor some distance away! At Poynton we all meet in a small bar have a couple and then head to eat.


We enter and we are asked if we have a reservation. Zoe is well I’m not sure and me and James are at the front. We are asked if we have booked a table. We are not sure about anything, and in the end I say it is booked under Zoe La Brow, and she asks if I am Zoe. Yes I say I am Zoe, well at least for tonight. James laughs, and then she comes back. We do not have a booking for Zoe, are you sure you are Zoe. Please come to the bar and we will set a table up and so the party of eight go to the bar for drink.


A table is made very, very quickly and we are all sat down. I order out of my comfort zone. And when the dishes are brought out they know exactly who has had what. I have a very spicy and nice soup for starters and whilst Jerd’s says one of his dip sauces is hot, he should try this tongue tingingling joyous juice. And then when the mains are brought out, I notice a whole lot of green curry being served to people but me! I have had Chicken Mannsana!


Will it be nice?


The truth is, its not the only thing I have, I have a bit of theirs, a bit of hers, a bit of his. I think I should have a had the Green curry but if you always order the same thing you never really know. I was satisfied though and the waitress even smiled whilst I took a photo.


Most people had some sort of coffee for pudding. Nack though had pudding, Nack even ordered pudding out of his comfort zone going for a chocolate based pudding, which he wasn’t actually expecting to be so chocolateatly but was very chocolateatly n every manner.


The sugar dressing was my favourite bit, as it melted on that tongue of mine. Somewhere I could vaguely taste cheesecake but mostly cheese cake.


Jerds makes it through the meal for more than twenty minutes. In fact he makes it right to the end!


Jerds I think we are going for more beer says Matt.


And with that our goodbyes I said and Zoe takes Jerds and Caroline home Sad smile.


The three likely lads though go and enjoy the Christmas tree.


Yo Matt we could get this is in the mini, it would look good in your front room! And then we head to the Kingfisher to work out a plan of action over a beer and to await the mini.


Sometime later the mini comes with a driver. Zoe is not in on the plan to escape with the christmas tree and won’t do it. We head back home dropping off Matt on the way.


We open a few beers and then stay up as late as we can.


Even though I should have gone to bed hours ago.

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