Sunday, November 22, 2015

Has Christmas Come?


I wake up and look outside, it looks a gorgeous day out there.


As I look out of the garden whilst my breakfast is cooking


I see I have a bird in the garden for a change. I go and take me old load out and spread it liberally in the garden, along with getting the car battery charger out to put on the MX5.


Eventually I power up the Dyson and get to work,


with a tea break or two. And look at that I now have three birds in the garden, enjoying non sliced bread.


I should wait for the paint to dry properly but I don’t . I redo the shelf wall screws and bracket, and put up the picture. The mirror though it s bit more awkward. I can’t see the holes where the original wall hanger went. I get the tape measure out.


There is no doubt this colour scheme works, it is right, I like it.


I put the new cabinet holder in position.


I wonder if it will take the weight though of them all. They are not light?


And I tidy up again, trying to get as much of the plaster and paint of the floor as possible.


The plaster dust is another thing though. As this is only wall one and two done. Three and four are still on the cards, but I need to get this enormous mirror down.


I get changed and then


pack my stuff to


head to my parents for Sunday tea and


a lovely hot shower.


Now so much fresher I can do something for my mom.


For the replacement for the the Harrods £1000 Christmas tree has come. I’ve been looking for something suitable for two years. Will it do though?


oh wow, perhaps not as elegant but wow. Has Christmas come early? Should I just leave it up?


And with that I uploaded a video to Youttube!


Eventually I got home, got the wood floor cleaner by Pledge out and started to put the furniture back. Now we are ready to start part 3 and that big mirror need to come down!

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