Monday, November 30, 2015

I’ll never get the Christmas tree up!


I was meant to be doing some house job today, but this morning I don’t know where the motivation is. It wasn’t here. Anyway on the internet I checked out some reviews for the London Board Game and here at amazon is one of my all time favourite reviews. To read it click the picture above..


Its like most jobs really, once I get started I’m alright at getting on with it. The problem here was moving the DVD cupboards and the TV stand and all those wires that are a problem. I did it eventually though and yes it took a while. And whilst before the room kind of looked habitable it now doesn’t. The plaster work on the side of the chimney breast is actually worse than it looked and is going to take some building up. Shucks.  I do some rough work on it. and then think to myself.


Shall I start it or not, that front wall I’m going to redo, from the brick. I think about it and then think well I could just see what that lump is. I get a hammer and chisel. Bang Bang, the neighbours are going to love me.


An hour later and the explority work is done.


It is in fact a plastic piece of conduit. Not a pipe, not even a wire.


And its empty, there is nothing in it! So now we have a “brick feature” in the front room.


I hope that Dyson Mrs Greenie gave me is up to the job. Getting all the plaster off the front wall is going to be a very messy job, and I think to speed it up I’ll be using the SDS drill in chisel mode. I think that may have to wait until Saturday.


now the problem with having a white bathroom when your not is, you clean yourself and then you clean the bathroom.


Once clean I put the PS2 on for the ultimate experience.


It involves wheels.


it involves 18 of them.


Now I thought this games was going to be pants, it was afterall only one pound. But it was a really different and challenging racing game. I played and played and played.


Eventually I turned it off, and watched a film, before climbing in bed, lying there and thinking now I’ve started I’ve just got to get on with it, or I’ll never get the Christmas tree up!

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