Monday, November 16, 2015

Never Let Me Down


Monday  I get up and eventually leave the door for work. I look at my watch and think its going to be tight to get to work. And so I set off on my power walk. Just under twenty minutes later I’m at the station. I head towards the end of the platform I stand and at stand next to a guy I often see and say “hello does the board say something interesting”. I’d noticed as I’d walked passed everyone, that they were all looking at the board. “yes something like that” he says. I turn and look my self in disbelief to what i see. 1st train expected 8:45am. What??? and 2nd 3rd and 4th trains also showing long delays? There is nothing for it than wait. By the time I have walked home and got the car I would be late anyway. As it happens the decision was made for me by London Midland by changing the sign to “train delayed pending an investigation on the railway line”. Within seconds the platform emptied. I couldn’t believe it and in fact didn’t rush off myself. The lad next to me told me bus number 1 goes to Walsall. As if I’d know where to catch that. I consider just waiting to see what happens, and then come to my senses to go home and get the car. I head off and then consider that I could give someone a lift to Aston if they wanted. The two girls at the end of the platform are still there, so I go to them and offer them a lift to Aston if they are working in Birmingham. The one accepts and the other says she going to work from home. They I let the clanger hit, that the car is a twenty minute walk away. As it happens the girl that is going to work from home has her car in the car park and is willing to take us both to my house. Now you may think it was as simple as that, but in fact the A5 between Cannock Longford Island west had been closed. Causing traffic chaos. Yep leaving Cannock was actually a problem, and all the traffic was being funnelled towards the M6 south. So it took a long time to get to the motorway, which was then full as they weren’t for some reason using the hardshoulder. By the time we get to Birmingham Aston Express Way I tell her I will drop her off in the city instead. Then the traffic stopped. Eventually I looked at her and said”sorry but I’ve changed my mind, I’m going to drop you off at Aston station again instead” feeling bad about going back on my offer. As it happens she is happy about this. And so I get to work at 10am.


So normaly on a delay I wouldn’t claim my money back. After all it comes to about 60pence compensation I will get back. But this morning, no matter how many times their tannoy would have said sorry, they had let me down, down down. So I filled out the form and sent it off. Will I ever get the money back? Who Knows. It certainly won’t cover the cost of going in the car, will it?


Back at home the paint is either drying to a nicer green or I’m just getting used to it. It is now definitely the colour on the colour chart.


I look at the wall and then decided to reskim the areas that were not perfect.


A while later they are reskimmed.


Now all I need to do is to resand. I’ll do that another night though.

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