Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not Tonight Then


As I look outside my window, something is not right.


Was it that windy? I’ll have to remember to put it back up after work tonight.


On the train I flick back one page to give me two to read. And that is it.


The end of a thrilling story, and so glad to have brought it, even though it was a hard back copy.


At Walsall this does of course mean something.


Now I will have to read the metro. It is a bit thin today. Now lets see what stories we have for today.


Ah stories get no better than this.


and of course there is always the Fallout 4 advert. I still want to buy it from Asda though. I wonder if the local one has it in stock?


The best story of all though was probably this two page spread.


I’m eager to get home tonight, I go down the drive, the light flickers on as I enter the rear garden. I go and put up the bird table and then head in through the front door. There is a parcel on the table for me. But where is the drill? As it happens my dad has seen it out and although it is obvious I was part way through using it he has borrowed it. Well not tonight then, and settle in for a relax.


I make some pasta for tea, whilst listening to Soul savers on Youtube.


After which I settle down for the night to watch Hostel 3, gruesome and sick, just the way I like my films.

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