Monday, November 09, 2015

Now Look, Now Look what you Made Me do.


This morning I smell fresh, fresh because I have washed my Jacket. This may be the first time this jacket has ever been washed, which doesn’t sound good, but washing them does get rid of the rain protection, so its best not to. I do smell good though, well not me, my jacket. And its warm, its warm cosy, its nice. And in the dark you can’t see me.


I’m looking forward to sitting on the train and finishing my book, there is only twenty pages to read, and I was meaning to finish it at the weekend, only like all the other things I didn’t.


I get to the pinicle point, from here on it is the end. I decide to leave it for the train home.


Which give me time to read the metro. So this is the one and only article worth reading, and even that isn't great. What will tomorrow bring I wonder?


For dinner I have corned beef salad, it is nice, it is satisfying.


meaning while my college wants to know what What’s App is all about.


So I go through it with him. He is highly impressed, just like me. I tell him about all the security and privacy issues with using whats app or even having the app installed on his phone, and for him, that is the end of that. And I don’t blame him.


On the train home I get my head into my book and when I get to Walsall I head to Wikos to get a brighter bulb for my outside light. I get a 23watt bulb which does 1400 illumines, which is the important part, as I want a bright lamp.


I also get a bag of crisps which I eat whilst watching for the train.


I watch the Soul Savers latest video with Dave Gahan in.


And then the four carriage chu chu comes around the corner.


I get a comfy seat and relax. Can you believe it, with one page to go we pull in to the station. Well it will just have to wait until tomorrow.


Once I’m back home, I fit that bulb, and wow it is bright. And then I decide to put up those shelves that have been hanging around. I use my rechargeable Ryobi hammer drill for the patrician wall, but not in hammer mode. I put up the template with tape and do three holes. It is meant to have a forth one but I’m not sure I want to do it.


I turn off the power sockets at the distribution board and drill carefully the forth hole. I then check the hole to see if it has hot the cables behind. Are they behind. I don’t know. It does appear however they are not, and all is well.


I recheck the level and


then put the phone and light on, which is what it was for.


The other shelves though are an issue. The normal drill goes through the plaster but not the brick. So I have to get the big daddy out, that eats right into the brick.


Its about 9pm, so that's where I end the shelf putting up. The neighbours wont appreciate any more drilling noise I guess at this time of night. Well I know I wouldn’t


It all looks good so far and I start to tidy up.


Leaving the stuff out for tomorrow to carry on with the drilling adventure.


for tea I decide to eat the Waitrose pizza. This does involve using the oven though, which I had to make stay alight.


A while later I’m still alive and looking forward to eating it!

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