Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Seductive Barry


I’m enjoying the train once more. The endless time travelling journey I go through over and over. IMG_20151125_083734

Today I relax, I do nothing other than think to myself why do people not sit next to the window when the train is full?


Its not as though I’m entertaining myself with a book.


I’m not, I’ve not read any more pages since I started it. I just carry it around at the moment in case the mood should take me. Perhaps it is just the wrong book?


Instead I get my JVC marshmallows out


give them a squeeze and


listen to Seductive Barry.


Fly foward in time and we are back in Walsall.


I note on the sign it says that if you are going to Cannock to use the first two carriages only? Why would that be. And so tonight instead of carriage four, I get on the front of the train – carriage 1 to you.


At home I start the plastering but the plaster is too runny. So I add some more powder to the mixture to allow it to thicken and go and get the rubbish plaster for some big filling, where the plaster is horrendous.


I slowly build it up to the right level. But really I need to move this furniture. That will be a different night then.


So instead I take the three doors off.


And get painting the door frames.


Yep we have gone completely open plan!


Even to the tardis cupboard.


And whilst in there I took a gas and electricity meter reading and sent it off to my beloved friends.


Sticky hands, sticky floors, sticky door frames later, it is time to tidy up and make some tea.


There is a smell in the air and its not from this plant.

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