Friday, November 06, 2015

The Metro News Today


I get up and look into the wet garden.


I have a Waitrose Banana for breakfast and some toast and try to head out the door a little earlier.


I head through the town centre again and this morning is street market day.


The place is alive and as i walk past the traders they all say hello.


At the station small brother is watching. But what are they thinking?


There are some places on the platform you do not want to stand at. When the train does come it is full. There are no seats. What a rubbish week on the train this has truly been.


Well my pass finishes on Sunday, so I go and renew it at the ticket office. Someone has got to pay for the “service”.


As i look down someone is sitting on the benches. I figure maybe I’ll read my book on train two.


I await by the platform side, and watch as a freight train rumbles past, before my train appears.


I climb aboard and sit down. That's nice. Now I could read my thrilling book or I could read the metro.


Let's face the facts, he didn't build and design the car himself, so it's not his fault it went so fast surely. Surely it's the nanny state governments fault for allowing road cars that are sold in Britain to be unrestricted. Come on make the manufactures fit restructured too all NEW cars at 70mph.


Noted, next time leave with the whole dinner service


People need to be aware if you fly from a nanny state, you could die. If you leave your home you could die, if you stay in bed you could die. I understand Afghanistan is cheap this time if year.


If you have ever put a spanner across the terminals of a car battery you would understand the problem. Please don't try it at home, the consequences aren't good, but a glowing red spanner looks wonderful.


It's rather watch a film in the shower, with a sticky toffee pudding, and naked girl. At least the wee would drain away.


And that concludes the metro news for today, have a nice day.


For the journey home I get the later train again. And I get a seat all the way home.


Back at home I list all the things I’m going to do, get the outside light working, put up the shelves, do the hall ceiling, and start the living room plastering. Finish reading the Girl On The Train. Tonight though I’m going to play Dirt 2. Wow  forgot just how maddly good this is!


But all that other stuff, I’m going to start doing that tomorrow.

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