Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Odds Are Stacked Against Me


I get up, I haven't slept well last night, and this morning I don’t feel great. I even woke up really early and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. I alter my giff gaff account and then do a few other web things.


Like cancel my £2 lottery direct debit go and play and


change to the Health Lottery £1 go and play. After all 4.2 million, what would I do with that? And I’d rather just win rather than get £25 quid every now and again. The odds are stacked against you and me and I’m leaving.


My parents come round and my dad leaves my mom with me. Its raining outside so I suggest we go in the car to town. We park up and there in a disabled bay is an MX5. No normal MX5.


It is in fact an Eunos Roadster VR-Ltd Combination A.


Good on them, don't let life get in the way of having a fun car.


So this is the sister car to my Eunos Roadster VR-Ltd combination B. Now if I did have 4.2 million I would get one of these too. This one is a really nice example.


We do some shopping, but have to suggest we have a rest and drink break.  I’m not feeling great and I hope that a hot chocolate will help. As it happens we sit opposite Game and the digital sign in the front window keeps flashing “Nack come on in and get YOUR copy of Fallout 4 right now!”


So we visit Home Bargains, The market, The Flower Shop, Jessica for my greens, and Wilko of course. It looks like I might have brought something Christmassy.


Yeah I got my a fairy.


And a glitter tree. It looks better in real life.


And whilst a premature, in Wilko I looked at the paint.


What colour should I do the front room. This time though I brought 3 testers like Mrs Greenie does. As it happens the colours are all green. What I need to remember though is I need a bright light colour as the room can be dark. So really the one on the left is out before I have even tried it. In fact I’m now thinking of Lime Green, The one below the middle one, yes the one I didn’t get a tester of!


And Wilko had more washing smelly on offer so I got some, only to open my cupboard to find I have loads of of the stuff now!!!!


I also brought some picture frames for the stair case.


What I need now are some lovely picture that are 90mm X 140mm in size to fit in the inner frame.


And with that I go to bed not felling well again.


A bit latter I get up, watch Dr. Who and play dirt 2. Tonight there is actually people playing online, wow for an old game that's rare to see, even the online server still working!

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