Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thump Clump Bang Wallop Thump


Today the train has come, on time in both directions. Which is odd as the weather is really bad. At Walsall I get off and head to Wilkos and spend a lot of time in the paint section selecting some testers for tonight.


While I’m sitting on carriage four, it has come to mind that, maybe, just maybe, I have painted my living room London Midland green without knowing it! Arggggh.


As I walk through the town centre the Christmas tree and lights are dancing in the wind.


At home I’m busy moving a lot of CD’s and cupboards they were stored in. My parents come round and i have a surprise for them.


I’m going to make them stay and watch the testers dry!


After a while we decide on either the far right or far left colour,


and thus make the testing patch bigger.


I whilst we are watching the paint dry I hear a thump clump bang wallop thump. “Did you hear that I say”. “Nope” is the reply. “I think that was a roof tile” I say. I head out the front and find a tile that has landed in-between the three cars. How it landed inbewteen the three cars is blooming lucky. What isn’t lucky is it a ridge tile. I don’t fancy replacing that.


The parents leave and I skim that walls over. They are bad in the section and will need some sanding and reskiming, probably more than a second time too.


Its a bit late to get the sander out so I tidy up and go to bed.

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