Sunday, November 08, 2015

We have Light


I get up this morning in a mood that is as relaxed as yesterday.


It is good to see my plant doing well.


I cook me up some breakfast. A little too much meat, but then the rest of the bread was green so the only bread I have in the house are these two baps. Which are a bit stale. I use the trick of putting them in the micro wave for 30 seconds.


It works a I tuck into my loaded sauage, bacon and eggs baps.


I sort out my new draws, and quickly fill them with clothes and my contact lens solution. That reminds me I should actualy wear them occasionally.


I go down stairs and then note my oven model number.


I then go in search of a new one, or how much not on the internet they are going to cost and what is the installation cost. As it happens it would appear gas is not in. Not in the electrical shops anyway. It would also appear the gas ones are £100 dearer for the same model. In fact the electric one that replaces mine is £169.00 plus fitting of £80. I did tell them the gas would have to be disconnected and terminated. And this seemed okay. But do I really want to change to an electric cooker. The gas oven gets hot so much quicker? The other thing I’m told is that some electric cooker are 13amp plugs and others need a mains connection. I’m guessing that as I do not have a big red switch that my cooker has a hidden 13amp plug behind it. That could be awkward with some of them. Although I do know it is on its own circuit breaker in the distribution box.


I ask my parents to get me some shopping whilst I sort out the electrics for the outside light. I get the distribution board cover off after turning off the electricity at the main breaker and the distribution board.


I install the fused switch and cabling and clip it to the wall, along with the wire that is already installed but not clipped.


Once the connections are made I check them and then close the distribution board up. There are now no spare circuit breakers left.


And there you have it, after all that time we have light.


I need to get a better bulb, and set the controls on it, but at least it now works. I wash my cars and put the Skoda on a battery recharge.


Then head to my parents. On the big screen in HD is the Simpsons.


Its definitely big and clear.


Tonight we head to the Spread Eagle for tea.


And it is carvery time.


oh yummy, by the time I finish this my belly is full!


When I do get back home the light is still on? Argh, I sit back, put on Dr Who and then play Dirt 2 for a while, but before you know it, it is bed time again.

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