Sunday, December 06, 2015



My dad wakes me this morning at around 11am. I’m still in bed when he comes round. I get up make a cup of tea for me and a coffee for him and head to the bathroom. When I come out he says I think I drank your tea. He was right, he had, I never make him tea as he never likes it. So its a 50/50 chance that I have made you a coffee. Sometimes I despair. He helps me get the skirting board off and the window frame as well. And then we have as much mess as we had before.


The dyson started moaning last night, even after I cleaned it. I give it another clean and unblock the tubes. She is working again with full suction.


I fill the trailer with wall rubble and we head to the tip. After inspecting it they are happy that its old render plaster and I get to put it in the building materials.



From here we head to Wickes and talk to them about ordering something they don’t have for Friday. Well 3 sheets is paid for and off we go, they will contact me tomorrow and advise.


Back at home I try cleaning the place up, a near impossible task to be honest.


With the skirting board gone though the rest of the plaster is gone. Oddly and wrongly the plaster was done right down to the floor boards.


And all that damp that company Peter Cox said was along this wall would appear to be no existent. Another case of “call in the professionals”.


The only dodgy bit is this below the arch. That need redoing.


As for dirty dust.


its everywhere.


But for a 95 year old wall it looks as good as it gets. The plaster was just rubbishy done.


I climb in my MX5 and head to the petrol station and then


to my parents where I


have a beer, and play Colin McCrae's Dirt 2 for a while.


The cat though is relaxing.

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