Wednesday, December 02, 2015



BBC stands for a few things and not just about a certain broadcasting company. This morning a new book has arrived and I’m considering reading it. I put it in my bag along with the Coupland I read yesterday.


On the train I open it up and read it. I’m instantly hooked by this chick flick novel. In fact I’m on page 26 by the time I get to work. Which for me is pretty amazing. Perhaps it is because the Coupland books take so long to get going.


Dinners still consist of something good for you, now i need to remember to get a lettuce tonight as I’ve run out.


Back at home I haven't got a lettuce. I haven't remember and I haven't forgot to remember because I’ve forgotten to remember that I was to remember. I get the milk in and then look at the mess.


I’m never going to get that Christmas tree up.


I head to Wicks and get some plaster filler, some quick drying cement for the roof tile. and two high rated face masks. I give the wall its first skim over. I’m not sure what is wrong with the smooth over as its way too runny. I add some filler to thicken it up and then make a slimy mess on the wall and floor. Something to clean up then.


Although the filler I brought was to add to the chimney breast side. I put as much on as I can.


And while it may not look like it here, we are nearly flatish? Well its closer.


Maybe by tomorrow night it will be. Let hope it goes hard quick. And with that I put some southern fried chicken in the oven and wait for tea to cook before opening B.B.C once more in bed.

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