Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Can You Hear That?


My kitchen is now also the dinning table. I’ve moved a chair in here to st and eat my breakfast at.


Day 15 and the toilet blue is still going strong.


Everyone is admiring the the Christmas tree at work. Although I have not forgotten my bosses comment from last year of something regarding it being the most politically incorrect Christmas tree he’d ever seen.


I spent the dinner time search for Snowboarding insurance which covers off piste. Snowcards insurance seems to have shot up, now £188 a year. Ooch especailly as I’m only likely to go once this year. In the end I went with Ski GB ski insurance their platinum level and their best. Lets hope though I don’t have to use it. And this cost £77 for Europe but not covering Spain for some reason?


Back at home eventually after some horrible traffic home I cut up the insulation board and shape it to the window hole. Then I nip back to Wickes to get some expanding foam.


Wow what fun it is, although it seem to stick to everything.


With the window frame foamed up and the insulation board in, I said to my dad “did you see that?”. “See what?” he asked. “The big lorry that just went passed and you never heard it.” It would appear to have made so much difference. Now this means that the upstairs windows at the front have most definitely been installed by the experts so crappily too. Maybe I will get round to getting the plaster off above them and filling the area with insulation.


Its time for tea, and now the cooker is covered in dust. I go to the chippy.


Although I do cook up two eggs to go with the chips and dust.


I settle in retro room for the night


and watch The Royal Variety Performance.

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