Monday, December 07, 2015

Day Fourteen


I get up and admire my Betterware drainage tray. A delightful little thing. I make my breakfast and lunch and


climb in my MX5 for a


thrilling drive into work.


Everyone wants to know why I haven't put my Christmas tree up yet on my desk. More to the point, where have I put it away. I find it and the fairy in a box and voila, up it is!


For the rest of the dinner hour I enjoy some Depeche Mode.


On the way home I go to Sainsbury's to blow my tires up and then Wickes to get some foam boards. And so I start taking the bricks out. So where have they come from I here you ask.


From here where they were doing nothing. The cement wasn’t bonded and the bricks were actually glued in place! Mr Professional has been here again. But this answers a question. Why is the back room double glazing so quiet compared to the front rooms. Well its because the front rooms have these arches instead of lintals, were done by someone else who did half a job, and thus are not sound proofed better than a single piece of bonded white PVC!


The thing is the upstairs windows are probably the same, hum. Well out with the pointless heavey brick on the window frame and in with some sound proofing and thermal foam patches.


Well tomorrow, in the mean time I cement the holes that exist here and there.


At some point that roof tile will make it to the roof.


I settle in the retro room and ironically watch DIY SOS!.


whilst eating a couple of beefy burgers cooked freshly in the oven.


And before I go to bed, I use the toilet, look at that day 14 and it still is flushing blue!

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