Friday, December 18, 2015

Endless Dust


Friday morning looks nice out there. Look how the grass has grown though. Surely that should be cut? Surely?


I have a wash and brush up and then climb in the car.


You would never guess but the motorway was empy and I got to work in twnety minutes. And so I went to the canteen and had a Friday breakfast like old times.


Whilst the rest of the company enjoy a meal at the WingYip I sit at my desk and I receive an out of the blue email. Do they know I’m giving one Dyson and extreme testing already?


At home I mop the floors, I dewrapp the TV stand and I get that dyson out again.


I dewrapp the CD towers and vacuum up the dust, the endless dust.


Slowly the world is reshaping, soon to be reborn again.

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