Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mr Sad

The good news is the toilet blues are still working. Thats three weeks.
After my “days off” I get to work to find someone likes me. How reassuring.
At dinner time 4 of us head to the local Harvester at Star City for a casual festive meal togeather. The place is empty, just us. But as it happens this proves to be a good thing. The starters are wonderful, and then come out the sumptuous large dinner plates of main food.
wow are we going to be able to eat all this. Now when we ordered in the office there was a “what your ordering three courses”. Followed by everyone else ordering three courses. Now the dinner hour had been chewed up.
But puddings came and we stayed for them. Wow, wow, wow. My belly was bursting. I was pondering would anyone be missing us back in the office? Yet?
After work I headed around my mates house, I had what It thougtht was his 40th birthday present in my boot. It had been there for nearly two weeks, and I just couldn’t face the traffic to travel across to the south of Birmingham, following the last time I did it and taking me 2 1/2 hours round trip for about 10 miles. Anyway I need time away from my house and I was feeling gulity about me taking so long to get it there.
What I didn’t realise though, was these were not his Birthday present but Christmas presents for his wide and two children. Mr Happy became Mr sad. And Mr Sad wasn’t happy any more.
I was playing with the kids and he sent them to bed, I was enjoying making seqin art with them on the living room floor along with all those pins. And no of course we didn’t throw lots of pins on the floor for Mr Sad to tread on.
If he wants to know I feel bad about thinking they were a brithday present for him. I just for some reason got it wrong. I can now even remember Alan and Zoe saying they were Christmas present – Doh Sad smile
Back at dust vile something needs to change.
Its time to start to clean up.
I check the bolier and recharge the system. Bum I’ve over done it, now I need a radiator key to bleed the pressure out.

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