Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Starting Again


I get a seat on the train. Someone has left evidence that they have sat here before me. It looks like a very healthy breakfast.


Today I decide to restart the Douglass Coupland book again from scratch.


And for me I get well into it. Today I have swapped my dark black coat for my Bright Red Burton Snowboard jacket, something a little more noticeable in the dark.


I enjoy the book and have got a foot holding on the story this time. Not riveting but I know where we are, although not where we are going, which is why i like his books.


Dinner is still healthy.


At Walsall station I head to platform 1 as usual.


Oddly a freight train has pulled up just before the platform and stopped. Stopped 2 minutes before the train is due. Someone is out looking at the track and train. So is my train coming? Is it? Then there is an announcement, everyone to platform 3. Hell that's where I just came from. And all we off went.


And so once home I got in my car and headed over to my parents to stick the computer on my dads car as something is up and to have tea. It was nice to be there, it was nice to have some company.

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