Saturday, December 12, 2015

Then I Went To Bed


Now that I live with myself, and do my own laundry, I’ve got to ask, where do my socks go?


I get up and see that the toliet is still fulshing blue, I know Alan would love to know this, we are not far off the 3 weeks it said on the box now.


Whilst last night I asked my dad to come round early this morning as last night I was in the mood to get on with it. this morning I’m not and it takes some egging on from him for me to get on with it. Once start though off he goes.


I get on with plastering the gaps in the new plaster board and back to the fire place.


Les comes round and helps me, he makes me loads of tea, and we have a good chat, and then watch the neighborur try to park. I send him out to move his car to give them more room. However more room is not what they need. And then we see a reporter and some people outside the pub, Les takes a photo.


When having a break from the plastering I decide to hang up the one photo I have for a frame.


My favourite of the Greenies from when we went to Alton Towers. How it makes me smile.


I say good night to Les before I say I’ll see you later and that is the end of the tea making for me then.


Some time later my dad picks me up in my own car that he has borrowed as his is ill. He take us to the Anchor, and during that journey I have to tell him off several times about his driving.


In the pub we are joined by a fair few friends.


the Bass is free flowing, we are all merry and the fire is warming. When I leave the pub I know I’m struggling to walk and I’d only had four pints!


and with that I went to bed!

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