Monday, December 21, 2015

Up Up Up and Away


Sunday and down in the kitchen the weather outside looks good. This brings two things to mind. Bleeding the brakes on the Skoda and the roof tile that still needs to be replaced. To do the roof tile though I need the help of someone. I call my dad and see if he is okay to help me the brakes.


He is so I go into the garage get my toools and then head around his. We bleeed the brakes and I don’t think they have ever been so good. I also take the oppurtunity to wash both cars as they are here. This is also my moment to have the Skoda back and leave my MX5 here. IMG_20151220_145116

When I get round my house Les isn’t far behind me. We get the three tire ladder out of the garage and attempt to put it up. The first time we get it nearly there but it is way to long. So then we change it, another 3 times. It was scary getting the ladder up. But as Les said “rather you than me”. I’ll be honest whilst I’d been up before I was now scared. Hieghts I do not like. Heights on bouncy ladders that are near vertical are truley scary. The neighbout comes round to say that if need be we can use their land to get the ladder up. I’m sure he can see the panic on my face. Step by step I go on up, eventually getting to the top and Les asking if I’m alright. Oddly once att he top and seeing over the roof I am. We mix some mortar, and get the two tiles up, as another was loose as well. IMG_20151220_145128

Eventually it is mortared in. It is obvouse which one I have done, and hopefully it will stay put, especialy as a car sits right under it. We put the ladder down and in the garage before it really rains hard and then realise that once more I did not mark the correct lengths on the ladder runs for next time.


Les needs to do some shopping so we go to Asda, where there are loads of cakes and things going for 10p. So back at home we have an afgternoon tea of cake and tea. I try to put up the curtain rail but whilst one side fixes to the wall, even the largest raw plug will not grip on the other. I give up and go round my parents for Sunday dinner. Maybe just mabe one day I’ll have a living room again.

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