Friday, December 04, 2015

Walk Of Life


I get up remember to put the empty milk bottle out.


Today I’m going to be wearing my new trainers. I got a year out of my others wearing them for the walk to walk and back everyday.


And so here we are walking to the station.


And arrived at the station.


Luckily I beat that big black cloud, but will the train?


It does and I get my book out to read.


I’m still whizzing through it at a pace. And I sit here and they sit there as we do.


Last nights train home was a nightmare. It was late, it was late because it was only a two carriage train, and it was rammed. To the point you could not get on. There was a lot of swearing, I was at the front of the train. And I didn’t get on until the back door, and then they squashed in to let me on. It wasn’t pleasant. And then at every station loads of people had to get off to let people off, to then get back on. Thankgod this morning is not like that. My train pass ends Sunday and I’m not going to renew it. I’m going to have 4 days in the car I think.


But I’ll miss my relax time to read my book.


And here we are, me and my trainers, we made it to work.


When I get home on Friday night I have a letter in the post. I thought London Midland had forgotten me, but know here we are, the compensation of £1 for the morning the train, as far as I’m aware didn’t turn up and left us stranded at the station having to quickly seek alternative travel to work. Great for getting the fare back. But really for their incompetence the days travel cost me £8 and that is what they should be compensating me for.


At home I flick some plaster on the fireplace and complainant what I’m going to do tomorrow.


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