Thursday, December 10, 2015

Washing Walls

Another day in the office. And this is where we now park the convertible cars. The Porsche isn't here yet.
I've decided to swop the fairy with the a Star of David.
Back at home I do something that may seem odd. I’ve already brushed the wall, vacuumed the wall and tonight I’ve washed the wall. Wow how much blackness came off.
And many hours latter I cleaned the floor too.
Wow it all looks clean.
The living area though isn’t so nice.
And with that Wickes, send me a confirmation, it looks like its coming tomorrow then.
Erm my Giff Gaff usage has gone down over recent months. Is it because I’m not in the car to call people. Thinking about it I’ve not spoken to anyone on the phone recently.
And with that I put my headphones on and go to bed listening to David Bowie.

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