Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hanging Out In The Loft

I get up and I’m not feeling better. Hell, I ponder what to do, so I pay my credit card. Then consider that a trip to the tip was in order, so I went and got the trailor. The bloke next door was there so I asked if his parents were okay as I’d seen an ambulance around.
A while later I was back with an empty trailer. The wood all now gone, along with the dud battery the Greenies had given me last July, that had since been hanging aorund my garage.
I headed back into town in the car, free parking today and not enough energy to walk it anyway. I head to Wilkos and Iceland.
Back at home I get the ladder out and head up the trap door.
It is cool in the loft. Sometimes it is nice to hang out in the loft. It makes my head feel better.
Now the light in here wasn’t wired how I expected. Which was a problem. So I cut the wire, which I knew was then going to make it too short. So this meant a new plan of action.
A while later and the wiring is redone. And while the light switch may be on its side. At least it is now attached to something. Turning it round is an issue due to the incoming and outgoing cable lengths. I also found the old light fitting in the masses of insulation.
So the three areials are connected and areial booster is connected and the switch turned on. Does it work?
Not unless the areial is pointing in the right direction it doesn’t.
Thats better.
I get the TV to retune and
I now have more TV stations than a normal human being needs.
I go to the retro room and flick the all important red switch.
And off goes the Sony TV
Before you know it we have more channels on here than any human being ever needs too. All we need now is another TV for the spare room.
I put the wiring bits and peices away and the tools.
And whilst I’m in the garage I get out some bulbs and
Plant them in a new bed I’ve created.
Hopefully the borders will look prettier this year.
with that I put on the PS4 with a cup of tea.
But its no good its makeing my head hurt. So I switch it off and rest.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

All I Need Now Are Some Chestnuts

I wake up as ill as I was last night. So I do very little and watch some TV in bed. I head downstairs for a drink. So this is the first week I get orange juice off the milkman. I’d actaully forgotten I’d ordered it. And yes I’m still eating cheese from France.
Back in bed I win a Sage Dreamcast. But no Saturn, they are far more popular.
And whilst watching QVC I buy some plants for the garden.
I hope they are as good as they say as they are not cheap from QVC.
At some point I make it downstairs to make some breakfast. I read the paper, I didn’t even know I was meant to put my food waste in the brown bin. This year they havn’t even sent me a calander of collection dates either.
Apparently I can now ask for a composter to put my food waste in. So I send off the application form.
I dig a hole in the drive for the fir tree. Like everything in this old house. Nothing is easy.
The pebble dash at the pavement side of the driveway is deep. Very deep, and then it is rubble, lots of rubble. I mean pain in the arse rubble. It may or may not be a good thing for when I block pave the drive.
Being that it is a nice day I do my washing and hang it on the line. So tonight I get new bed sheets. Wonderful!
I make the stickout beds all the same size and plant some more bulbs.
My parents come round to take me to Asda to get me out. While I’m there I remember the stock pot I need to make the beer kit Mat got me.
I relook up the details. It needs to be a 6 quart stock pot. What is 6 quart? I look it up on google. It is 6.7 Liters. Now the two large pots they have are 32cm or 24cm diameter, but no mention of the volume. I go to the stationary isle and get a ruler. So now we know the height we can work out the volume. One is 6 litres and the other 9 litres.
I get the large one so there is some gap to the top of the pan.
At home I realise that I didn’t just need a new pot, what I also needed was
a new bigger hob to go with it! Well before i can make the beer I still need some chestnuts that have been roasted at 400 deg C.
I settle in front of the TV and watch youtube while a pizza cooks and I’m eating triffle. I come across the fact that if you change your PS plus account home address to this you get free PS plus!
Maybe in europe you need the europen address?
Then I come across somethings to make your PC work better. I try it on my laptop. Oh wow, it is now superchargered, super fast. Not this SFC thing that is something different.
With a lack of energy still I decide to put on my latest DVD from Love Film, The Keeper of Lost Casuese.
Oh no it is subtitled!
But as it happens to turn out, it is a brillant detective film and I really enjoyed it.

Friday, January 29, 2016


I get up, have a shower and get ready for work. As I havn’t got to do my dinner this morning I have time to hang around.

I hope they are sleeping well and I havn’t woken them.

I leave the house and

head to the station.

When the train arrives at Cannock it is only two carriages. So I guess they havn’t fixed the broken part. And the over crowding once more causes one of the passengers to faint. The emergency alarm is pulled and eventually the train pulls into Walsall with the conductor looking puzzlled about where the alarm has been pulled.

I check the displays that are not displaying properly and guess what? They are not displaying properly.

I ponder if they are ever going to wake wake up? I go for dinner at the chip shop and then during the afternoon I become ill again. How bad I feel. I cancel all the plans for the weekend. I'll be glad when its home time.

IMG_20160202_092505Home time just cannot come quick enough. I end up dozzing on the train. And once home I find my kitchen is freshly cleaned.

IMG_20160129_183527And with that I get a cup of tea and go straight to bed for an early night. Not really what I was looking forward to.


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