Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Getting It Up At Last


I wake up having sleeped so well, I feel so fresh, it is great. Usual when I leave Alan and Zoe’s I try to leave by 10pm no matter how much I want to stop longer. I guess though they might be glad I leave, eventually. I have learned not to make myself too tired.


As I eat breakfast I admire my handy work around the window. I’m so sad – in a happy way.


The drive to work has been interesting, traffic, accidents and now this.


A lorry doing a tight reversing manoveure!


The day at work goes well. I even hear from Beth, which is really nice.


And as it happens, just at the same time some else suggests Steve gets a bit cleaner too.


At home I put on Project Cars and play whilst I await my parents coming round. Aparently my dad wants some of the plastering tools to do some work in his own house.


But also tonigh is the night the IKEA shelf goes up. We mark where it is going to go, I get the drill out and my dad gets some special drill bits out for going through tiles and, and , and what is that, for drilling safes!


As it happens it goes through the tiles very slowly and I would liek to say easily. But the work area is awkward. So it is not easy.


It is up though and


I get to use it straight away!


I could do with another to go above it.


Once my parents go, its over to GTAV to join the others. Hold on whats this, I need to do an update? And so off it goes, until it gets to about 80%.


Then it slows down, right down. I ponder if I will ever get to play. But eventually I do, and you know who played this last round my house. It was Zoe as the controls are back to front. I change them and that makes no difference to my appalling playing! But it was fun Smile.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Has Uncle Nack Forgotten To….;.


I wake up one very tired teddy.


I somewhow maange to get dressed, make breakfast and dinner. Every moment in bed counted.


Today I’m going to work in the car again.  I’m having the school holidays off the train, in the hope it will be quicker by car besides I have things to do after work.


I left at 8:02 am and turn on Waze.


Waze says I will make it in time to work


The actual traffic has other ideas!


I make it!


There is a space right out side the office so this is where I park.


Dinner comes all to quickly, and I enjoy that salad I made.


Whilst Birmingham is burning down around the corner from where we are based, in a big black smelly cloud of smoke we work. Yes we do. No matter how tired we are!


Home time comes all too quickly. I make my way round to where the Jag pant is and the retail park there where The Range store is. I find the girl in the curtains area and advise I’ve come to pick up some Isla cushion covers and tie backs that have been put aisde for me. She tells me she did it for me, and goes off looking for them. She comes back and tells me that she had yesterday off and would you believe it they have gone! And off she goes looking again. Eventually she comes back with them, found them she says and is appoligetic about the wait. But its not a problem.


I drive home in the heavey rain and slow traffic, ready for an early night.


At home I put the cushion covers on the cushions! Exciting I know.


Yes these have flowers on too!


If only sofa two looked better!


And with that I get the drill out, some raw plugs and fit the tie back hooks into the wall and fit the tie backs around the curtains.


Afterall who wants to close the curtain anyway.


There you go, a job well done.


With that I cook my tea and sit down to eat it, really tired from not getting in until 1am last night.


As I look down into my bowl of pasta I suddenly get a text message, “Has Uncle Nack forgotten to come to tea?” I look at my dish again. Bollox yes!


After tea I go and climb into bed, yes it is early, and then suddenly you know what.


I remember where I’d put my car keys all those weeks back, that I had lost and havn’t seen for weeks. I can finally give back my dad his spare set to my car! Wasn’t that odd? I lie in bed and dissapear in a pool of sleepness.

Monday, March 28, 2016



I get out of bed and open the curtains. Hell my garden is white!


I hope Buddha isn’t too cold. Mean while….


Of all the mornings for this to happen, it has to be this morning.


Well I leave at about 11am and get on the motorway to head north. It is errily quiete ont he motorway at first, although the signs were saying 40mph and there is big queues ahead. A radio announcment comes on, advising that Stafford is now at grid lock due to everyone having to not used the mortorway around where I live, and they are right. Luckily they have just opened the mtorway they report, so things on the motorway will be moving soon if your stationary. And for once they were right, just as I hit the back of the queue it starts moving again..


I get to Rosies in time for her to make me some dinner and sample her fine cooking once more before we head to the cinema to see Superman V’s Batman. Brendan is there waiting for us with the tickets, as we are late and there where no parking spaces! I go and get some drinks and tell them I’ll meet them inside the auditurium. The queues at the snack zone are long, and when the two people in front of me get to the desk, they order a feast. I ponder if the film has started yet! But when I get there it has not! If anything these are the comfiest cinema seats I’ve ever been in! Brendan seemed concerned he choose the ones on the sceond row and they might have been to close. But they were okay, but then he had managed to select central seats which helped a lot.


Sometime later after cake, tea and a board game, we head around Matt’s. Apparently there is supper going and he is happy for me to join everyone.


Rosie brings round a vintage board game called Careers and once


Alan and Zoe appear, I get to say hello to them and


we get to tuck into a range of indian food from the indian shop, so says Matt.


Zoe is impressed by the buffet! So am I.


In fact we all are. Matt has done us all proud.


And then the game of Career is started.


And with six playing it takes some time to complete, it is a fun game though and in the end the host


won! Yes Matt has the best career moves of us all. Now I should have gone home earlier, but I was so happy, it was good to be here with everyone. By the time I got home it was 1am! I know I’m going to regret this in the monring. Sleep depervation doesn’t suit me.


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